Infinity Blade

Infinity Blade is a series of iOS games, and before you leave at the thought of a mobile game, I will say that this series is outstanding.
This series set the bar for what a mobile game can be. The graphics are beautiful, the music is superb, and the story is amazing. The gameplay is also incredibly simple, but becomes much more complex as you delve further into the series.
This series has a total of three games and two novels. The novels serve to bridge the gap between the games, as you would expect.
If you are interested, I highly recommend this series if you have the hardware for it. The games are essential to any iOS device and the novels are expertly written.


I love this game series. It’s a very fun blend of gameplay and a unique story idea.


I watched a video on one of them a few years ago.

I don’t remember much, but it was certainly interesting.

I might investigate further…

Oh man, I used to love those games. Played the first two on my old iPod Touch back in 2012ish. My current phone only has eight gigs of space (and most of it’s used), so I don’t think I’ll be fitting Infinity Blade on there any time soon. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not really too into this series, but I have played portions of Infinity Blade 3. From what I’ve experienced, it’s a pretty enjoyable game.

I guess I should play it eventually.