Infinity Warriors

So this is a weird one. I always loved the Infinity Blade games, and freaked out when they added the Infinity Blade itself to Fortnite, a game I am otherwise indifferent to. And then I remembered that Thanos was also in the game. I thought it’d be cool to see Thanos fight Siris (from the IB game) outside of the context of Fortnite. Would it be fair? Heck no, Thanos would stomp with the gauntlet. But I think it looks cool.


Infinity Blade > Some glove with colored rocks in it.
The Infinity Blade will always be one of the greatest video game weapons of all time for me. I’m glad you worked in the blue glow around it, just like the (third?) game. Great work!


Very nice! I only wish we could see a little more of Thanos’ face. Your style is a nice blend of simple and detailed, and I really like the look of Siris, who I’m not familiar with but probably should be. The glow is also excellent, as was said above, and I also really like the way you colored the grass and hills, particularly how they’re shaded. It must have taken quite a bit of time…

Once again, well done!

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Thanks! Cool that there are other fans here. I have a feeling the blade could kill Thanos if he didn’t have the darn rocks.

Thank you for the feedback! There were actually a few reasons I kept the face dark. One, it looks ominous. Two, I’m lazy and that was way too small of an area to try to draw a face in😂. And three, in the game any character that wears a helmet always just seems to have pure black underneath. It seemed like a neat reference.

I’m glad that stuff worked out, I was a bit unsure going into it. I’m really proud of the grass; I was tinkering with the airbrush settings and managed to make it so I could spray down a bunch of thin, slanted lines. I was actually ispired by @Invader_Naj ‘s Kopaka drawkng. The grass and hill shading probably took less than five minutes once I figured that out. Overall, the drawing probably took about 6 or seven hours broken up.


woah is that the infinity blade from fortnite /s

jokes aside, this is great

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gasp my mediocre art gives people ideas for very good drawings? thats nice to hear

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Nice drawing! I love it!

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Sick art! My cousin co created Infinity blade and worked on Fortnite, so he’ll love this!


Holy cow, that’s awesome!