"Inika Build": A Set of Horribad MoCs

Don't worry, Cronk said I'm okay to post these. They're based on the main cast of a story I'm gonna be posting soon, a sort of Reviving Bionicle meets The Office.
First off we have Jeruk, an ice villager who is absolutely done. With everything. He just doesn't care anymore. He is accompanied by his slug, Geep.


Next up, his mentor Ver. He's pretty much an armless hippie.

Now, the G2 Toa of Light without confidence, Horus.

The last MoC is the one sporting the titular Inika build. I tried really hard to make him awful. His name is Turk, and he's the polar opposite of Horus.

The whole cast of characters (including a few extra Toa)

What do you think? Are they bad enough? Constructive criticism on how to make them worse is appreciated!


interesting I guess. The armless guy looks alright I guess

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All pretty interesting, albeit IMO Horus is just as bad as Turk.


I like the idea behind these, and I love the slug.

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Ver is the best

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Ver looks like Kopaka after his arms were ripped off by Onua

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Man these MOC's are so bad that they are somehow good :joy:

But in all seriousness Ver is pretty groovy. The rest though... Are alright...


Ver is gif man ben.


Please elaborate. I never knew how much I needed this.


Ver looks like a derp (in a good way). Keep up the great work!

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Maybe putting some random blue puns on turn could make him worse.
btw I love the tahu mistika arm

Here's a link to the story's first installment. Enjoy!

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