Inika Build: The Remarkable Story of Unremarkable MoCs

Ey @HewkiiDaKohliiHead you got that part that I promised you. If anyone else would like to be in the story (the first five people will actually get fairly major roles.) And @Mrblackpants you'll be in the next installment. Enjoy!

I remember when I first saw Turk. His gait was odd, his limbs more so, and his mask stood out like a sore thumb. I couldn’t believe he was one of the new MoCs.
“Hello,” I said to him. Basic, but friendly.
“Heya,” he responded.
“No offense, but you look like Voriki collided with Good Guy at a million miles per hour.”
“I shall take no offense, then.” He smiled.
I couldn’t believe it. I had decided that I didn’t like him, offended him, and now he was just going to bend to my will. I couldn’t decide whether to be pleased or disheartened. Geep was merely confused.
“Well, what’s your name?” I asked, making sure to sound rude. I really, really didn’t need another MoC clinging onto me.
“Turk. And what might yours be, little white one?”
“I’m Jeruk. And don’t call me little.”
“Then I shall not call you little. What is this creature that accompanies you?”
“This is Geep, my slug. He’s far and away the only other sane thing in this place.”
“Am I not sane?” Turk asked, confused.
“No. Not if you’re anything like Ver, or Horus.”
“Who is this Ver you speak of? He seems like a wonderful friend.”
I sighed. “Well, if you actually want to meet him, follow me.” I hopped off the bed, holding Geep on my back. Turk tumbled off the side behind me. He landed a twisted mess.
“I am fine,” he said, contorting himself back into his correct shape. Martin had used two different sorts of feet for his build, giving him a slight limp when he walked.
It’s best at this point to describe to you Hewkii. Hewkii is a Po-Matoran, and a canon set. What’s worse, he’s a canon set from G1. So he’s super-elitist. And just as I was about to escort Turk out of the bedroom, he waddled in front of us.
“Get out,” I said.
“What’s that?” Hewkii replied, trying to sound menacing but failing completely.
“Get out of our way,” I said, monotone.
“Because we’ve got to go see Ver.”
“I don’t know. A couple of G2 MoCs visiting each other? Sounds pretty suspicious.”
“Why hasn’t Martin taken you apart yet?” I asked coldly.
“Because I’m far superior.”
“No. It’s because you’re made up of eight pieces.”
“Hmph. You may pass, villager, but don’t get any thoughts. Any attempts to overthrow me and the rest of the G1 sets are useless.” He waddled to the side, glaring at Turk. Turk merely waved goodbye in response.


Nice! I can't wait for my appearance!

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Why did I read this as "I'm Jerk"? :stuck_out_tongue:

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That's sort of the idea behind the name, just needed to sound more bonkley.


I want a part in the story! What do I do, or do I do anything, or is it too late?

You should include a system moc faction, who are the enemies of the G1 and G2 MoC

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There's a notable lack of Hewkii's true personality (D4nkM3m354th3w1n), and the characters are well-described, and there's a lot of personality. The sentences might be better as full paragraphs, and:

The word you search for is "monotonously." :wink:

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Alright, so here's the second part. I got the beginning of your cameo, @Omega_Tahu. As always, enjoy!
We made our way along the carpeted hall, down to the living room, where Ver had made his residence beneath an old futon. Turk struggled over piles of dirty laundry and homework, with Geep and I following close behind. Ver had been made during an interesting part of Martin’s life, to say the least, and due to that Ver had managed to be one of very few MoCs to escape from the bedroom and make a permanent residence somewhere other than The Tub.
As Geep and I fell down a crumpled pant leg, Turk caught his first glimpse of Ver.
“Oh dear! Something must have happened!” he exclaimed, rushing underneath the furniture. “Let me help you, sir.”
“Hey man, don’t, like, kill my vibes bro,” said a milky voice. Ver.
“I shall help you,” Turk said, emerging from beneath the futon carrying Ver between his arms.
“Who is this flake, Jeruk?” Ver said, not even struggling to make it out of Turk’s grasp.
“Turk, put him down,” I said monotonously. “Ver, this is Turk. He’s the new MoC in town.”
“I can’t believe it. These chrome domes keep on getting lamer.”
“It would appear so.” Turk set Ver down. The armless hippie jumped back onto his feet.
“‘Ey, have you seen Horus around?” Ver said.
“Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was in the room moping about his coverage. That or his color scheme.”
“You know, that bro needs to get some positive viiiiibes man,” Ver said, looking to the doorway that connected to the hall.
“I doubt Horus is going to get any positive vibes soon. Why do you need to talk to him?” I asked.
“Well, I was just chattin’ with White Knight and-”
“You were talking with a system MoC?!” I screamed. “They’re our mortal enemies, jealous of our popularity in Martin’s eyes.”
“Whoa, bro, don’t hate for the sake of exposition.”
“Well...what did he say?”
“He said that yesterday he found that Gali, you know, the Master one, was missing from her place, and, like, it was really weird, you know?”
“That’s odd. Gali is usually always in her pose when Martin’s around.”
“What’s weirder, apparently no one’s seen her since then.”
“Well then, we shall find this fair maiden and rescue her from whatever malicious forces have caused her to leave our presence!” Turk exclaimed, raising his hand and pointing at the wall.
“What on Earth are you doing?” I asked.
“I’m posing. Is that not what heroes do?” Turk asked, obviously confused.
“In my experience there are no heroes. Just different agendas.”
“Man, where’d you hear that?” Ver asked.
“I made it up. Chronicler stuff,” I replied.
“Well then, what shall we do?” Turk asked us.
“We should wait a bit, maybe she just got lost in the oven or some-”
Just as I was about to finish my sentence, a loud crash come from upstairs. Martin wasn’t supposed to be home for another week, so who could have made the sound?
What we found next was horrifying.

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I love it, especially this:

And the cliffhanger is great, there's so many ways this can go. It's very toy story esque, which is good.

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