Inktober, but like, Lego spaceships, but also digitally built

I feel like the title pretty much says it all. I decided to built some cool space fighter type things in using the inktober prompts. If I do more I’ll add them in. They will also be out of order since I just cherry picked things that gave me ideas



Fitted with a unique mind harness, this small unarmed fighter allows the pilot to enter a Mindless state, becoming one with a sophisticated ai to control a pair of advanced weaponised drones


Very nice. If I may make a suggestion for the next one, Bayonet. The word is, Bayonet.

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Oooooooh. I like that. I’ll see if I can come up with something good

I, for one, am disappointed that you didn’t use the Hyperdrive Ring from Attack of the Clones, but…

These all look really good!

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Now these are really good. I’d love to see a series of these for inktober.

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I got sucked hard into Destiny 2 and kinda forgot about this for a couple days. The prompt was day 15, Legend.

Know as a defender of peace and freedom in the outer reaches, the Purple Star is a Legend among the oppressed and downtrodden


Jumping back to Day 4, and Freeze.

The Z-5//Glacier:7 was a prototype utilizing [REDACTED] technology to snap freeze a magnetic projectile and accelerate it at blistering speed. However, the vessel was found to be too cumbersome for pilots and the weapon system too demanding for a single man fighter, and it never entered production.