Hey guys. Its been awhile since my last post, but i’m back, and I made a new moc. Meet Insectix: toa of arthropods. Due to my simpleton tablet, i’ve used AN actual camera(thats 8-years-old) for these new pictures.




Looks good, but…

this needs to be in the Lego Creations area, under creative content. Also, your background is cluttered, and the lighting and focus are not great.

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Taking pictures on my tablet is a bad idea. >:(

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Its’ back is kinda cool. Although it could really use a head or some eyes, but maybe that’s just the angle.

This is the head

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Oh, I thought that was back armor, derp. Either way, it could use some eyes.

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bad lighting

I can’t really tell what’s going on here. The moc itself looks rather messy, but the background is also cluttered, making it look worse. The colour scheme is fine, but the head looks… questionable.

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This looks really interesting, but i ca’t see nearly anything!! Quality photos please!!

I can’t see anything! Can you please take pictures of it on a clearer background?

Next time.

I… I can’t see this moc! It is just a bunch of randomly chosen pieces, put together with no logic whatsoever! It doesn’t even have a head! And there are only two photos making impossible to actually see the moc in detail!
OK, I’ve been to bad, but this was my first thought. The moc is messy, random, and we can’t even see him in those two photos. 2,5/10.


I will make an improved version of him.


The do wings look nice.

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Much better.

Now that I see, this is kind of a mess, I don’t want you to think I am mean, but maybe try do this again. At least the wings look OK

No worries. Why not try to build him.