Insectoid Rahi MOC

so i was super board and wanted to make a g1 style rahi with a gear function so i made this guy (no species name as of yet).

i have an affinity towards insects as a whole and decided to create a flying bug rahi.
he takes inspiration from dragonflies, spiders and also mosquitos.

i feel the design aspects of this guy really speak for themselves. hes a big creepy crawly bug.

as with the previous posts when taking my actual photos i was not in my usual location. so here is my indoor shots.

up close and way too personal

side and face

i also made a little video as i said there is a gear function for this guy. here is the demonstration.

i know its simple but it was quite a task to get it into that small of a body.
anyway as usual thanks for looking and comments are always wanted.


Quite impressive.

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thanks very much, was about 5 hours work give or take.

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i dont get it ?

Nice rahi

I really like those teeth, they're a nice touch.

I wish the eye-balls were a different color, to make them a little more obvious as eyes, or color splashed into the body, to make the head and eyes seem that much more obvious... but man, you really nailed the insect thing here. I like the shape of the wings, and the spindlyness of the legs.... and it even has a function! Dang!
Seriously good creepy crawler... er, flier... here.

Wow i really like that gear function, though it seems to lack in articulation, especially the legs, overall it's pretty awesome.

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Very good MOC! I like the inclusion of a function.

That looks great. I love how you got a working function in there.

Sees wing-flapping function.

This went from neato to elito.

XD thankyou

Oh my, this MOC brings me back.

I loved the rahi once I first saw them, and this looks to fit in perfectly.


Teach me your ways...

hahahah the way is to get super bored and tired, i was falling asleep while building this

dunno how or why but thanks for helping me make the front page :slight_smile: this is a personal achievement for me

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Looks cool, but needs a bit more color.

this looks really cool but. .

i dont really want this thing flying behind me while im not looking.

How do you know it's not doing that right now XD

thanks so much @Spider-Ven for featuring my moc on the moc spotlight, saw it on my dash this morning and lost my mind XD

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umm, that's not a moc spotlight. that's just a popular bar. Moc spotlight's are videos

look on the ttv channel