Interdimensional Laws of Time

XLII: Pineapple on pizza is a suitable replacement for all previous tofu laws, if the traveler so prefers.

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XLIII: All previous rules are prohibited and disqualified until further notice. Go make a paradox or two.

This rule will be noted by a timestamp 09:09 when it will always be active, disregarding future rules.

Do not affiliate yourself with the Time Outlaw known as Jcton, or you will be punished.

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XLIV: Meepinater is hereby prohibited in making further time travel laws and is now considered an outlaw


XLV: Time Outlaws are banned from law-making. The definition of a Time Outlaw is up to interpretation.

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XLVI: ALL Rules made previously by a time outlaw, or is considered an outlaw, is hereby inactive and prohibited.

~~Law was written by Notjcton, who is not a time outlaw


XXLVII: Refer to Law XXII

XXLVIII: Hawaiian pizza is punishable by death unless used as a punishment

Gotta say, I’m really happy about this topic for two reasons:

A: It’s alive again.

B: It’s evolved to simply creating laws to make links to other laws and insult other people’s taste preferences.

XXLIX: Time Law XXLVIII is only bent against specifically Hawaiian pizza. Pizza may include ham or pineapple or both with at least a single additional topping, but never simply the two together.


XXLIX Part 2: But we will still silently judge you for putting pineapple on your pizza.

XXLIX Part 3: There will be a significant advantage to those who are experienced and well-versed in being judged than those who are too cool for that, therefore keeping the justice in society balanced, as all things should be.

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XL: Pineapple on pizza tastes bad.

Any pizza is good

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XLII: Rule XLI is a philosophical statement that has nothing to do with taste

XXLXIII: food is decided by preference

XLIV: Fine

Also we’ve been writing forty wrong

XLV: Dr. Bright, while being a doctor, is not The Doctor, and is to be kept away from all time travel equipment. Dr. Bright is to be brought on all time travel excursions, no exceptions.
-Dr. Bright.

XLVI: all potatoes not found on the planet earth before 2087 are to be destroyed on sight.


XLVII: Disregard law XLV. Also, Doctor Bright is not allowed to edit the laws of time, and must follow all other rules listed in the List of Things Dr Bright Is Not Allowed To Do At The Foundation, which can be found here:

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XLVIII: In accordance with law XLVI You may only destroy aforementioned potato’s on Sundays. And boil their ashes in stew which you must then feed to the local hermit.