International Set Availability

So if you’re like me and don’t live in the US, there’s a chance you’ve noticed that sometimes, products don’t show up in your country for ages, if at all.

For example, here in Norway, the 2016 sets have yet to be hinted at anywhere but lego’s own websites. Also in 2009 none of the vehicles ever showed up on shelves, if memory serves me right.

So what I’m asking here then is how’s set availability in your country? Noticed any particular patterns?


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I heard Australia doesn’t get them until March.

Serbia has them, still waiting for that polybag promotion until I buy any of them.

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Thailand usually has most of the sets, but they came 2-3 months late (winter wave in March & summer wave in October). I guess the time is similar to Australia. But no polybags or exclusives at all. And the prices are like, 30% more expensive than the US.

Here in New Zealand we don’t get the sets until March, well at least that’s what I am told. Last year I didn’t get any of the sets until April.

I know Star Wars fans have to wait til March in the US to get the Non-TFA winter sets.

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in San Antonio they have most of the non tfa sets but they are extremely expensive

And it’s killin’ me.

Do you know how long I’ve been waiting to get a Carbon Freeze Chamber? Since ‘05, when I was a wee’ lil’ Plural.

Not to mention that Rebel Battlepack with the Rodian and Duros.
Why Lego!?

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plurall these people have them at semi reasonable prices


So here’s something odd

2016 sets are now here in Norway

But the jungle and stone creatures are both nowhere to be found

Is this the case in other countries?

no i saw Uxar and Ketar here in the US when I went to target today

it´s pretty much the same here in sweden. maybe worse since i haven´t even seen lewa and i have only seen a price tag for pohatu

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