Introducing AsoBlock

I recently posted an off-topic topic about these things, and now, I’m just finishing up on an official introductory video for them on my you-tube channel

And before anyone says it, yes, these 5 are inspired by power rangers…


Nice stop motion work. I like it.

That green one though…

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I’ve never heard of “AsoBlock,” But this was a good introduction!

AsoBlock are a line of building toys from Japan. They’re not as big as Bionicle, but they’re good quality figures.

Here’s an actual ad from Japan for them.


Well, they seem pretty cool… might have to get some…

The only downside is the limit in colors. So far they’ve only released 6 colors, with most of the sets only being in black and/or white.

That wouldn’t bother me, It seems simplistic, and I like simplistic.

The Power Rangers?

Yup, what else would you build with a Japanese building toy? lol


True…but thaaaat’s a little bit more complicated build…


Well… Darn…

I wish I could say that is mine…but that would be an unfortunate lie.
I haven’t figured out master builds like this with these things yet.

Well keep on practicing, I guess…

I just happened to look up the meaning behind AsoBlock. It is a mash-up between the Japanese word.‘Asobi’ and the English word ‘Block’
Asobi has a double meaning: “Having a pleasurable time” and also “Learning”.
So…basically they’re pleasurable time learning blocks. Man what a long name…

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Well that really makes me want to buy some “Asoblocks”

I just noticed these things have the same color scheme as Voltron…

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