Introducing friends to TTV

Hey, so I was wondering if anyone here has had success getting a friend or fellow fan to start listening to TTV. So far I have one friend who seems interested and I'm trying to introduce him into the community and subculture. Does anyone have tips on how to do this with success?


First off, is he/she interested in Bionicle or Lego?

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Seems relative to a dead topic...
Oh! I found it!


Introducing friends to Bionicle =/= introducing friends to TTV. As far as I'm concerned, they're two completely different topics.

Personally, I find that it's easier to get people to watch us based on our personalities. Maybe a TTV Talks episode if he doesn't know anything about Bionicle? Or, more recently, our Lego Worlds let's play is general enough to follow and enjoy.


Thanks for the tips! I'll try that now, wish me luck.

Luck has been wished upon you. Tell us what happens next okay? wink


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This is practically the way you should attract your friend. Suppose he knows nothing about LEGO in general, and can't understand a thing in the normal podcast.
This is it. This is the solution.

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My favorite one is still Pop Culture. I think that's pretty universal.


Here is RaptorTalon's guide on how to invite someone to listen to TTV!

1: Find them, should be easy if they are your friend.

2: approach them. make sure you seem normal.

3: break a brick over their skull.

4: once the brick has taken effect, gather up the body and stuff it in the back of a your black suv.

5: drive to a cold, dark place away from town.

6: duct-tape them until they have lost the will to live.

7: throw them into a closet and lock the door.

8: play a recording of Var yelling "Mardi gra!" until they crawl into a ball and cry for mercy.

9: play TTV episodes for the rest of time.



How to introduce your friend to TTV:

1) Don't. You'll ruin the sanctity of his soul.

If they're already an established Bionicle fan introducing them through Bionicle Autopsy is probably the best idea, it provides some pretty riveting insight into the franchise.

TTV Talks would act as a good segway into the wacky world of TTV, introducing your friend to the many oddities and attractions of the group as a whole.

If they don't know much about Bionicle, I honestly see little point in introducing them at all. Although expanding the reach of TTV is propitious for the fandom and channel, seeing as how the group is one dedicated to Bionicle and related media, they'd have scarce reason to stick around.


First off
if they are a fan of bionicle, show them autopsy

TTV talks will be a really good way to introduce them

and over time, if they get into bionicle
show them the podcast

Oh and make sure they are drugged, because thats the only way you will be able to watch the podcast
for the unaware, thats sarcasm.


I showed them the latest episode of the podcast, where I got a shoutout for my hermit crab. The opinions were mixed. Most of my guy friends were all like, "Cool! Great job! Where do I sign up?" and then my girl friends were just, "Why are you so obsessed with this?" So yeah, now I'm going to show my guy friends the TTV talks about Comic Books because we're all nerds.


We get that reaction a lot.


What about parents?

I disagree with this statement almost entirely. While I see the value in our channel and I believe we hold our own merits as far as entertainment is concerned, with the state of our channel as it is currently I see very little reason for anyone to subscribe to us if they are not already invested in LEGO or BIONICLE-centric lore/themes. (Or interested in delving into these themes)

We add a sense of camaraderie to what is usually a fairly lonely hobby, that's our draw. I don't see how anyone would enjoy our channel, nevertheless keep up with it, if they don't enjoy the hobby, and trying to introduce them to our channel would likely be a waste of time. The only videos they would really get anything out of is TTV Talks and our Let's Plays, which are infrequent at best.


I also find that if your friends enjoy a good joke, showing them a few funny moments from certain podcasts can at least help your cause along.

i.e. that Wolfanon guy hiding around here somewhere who has only made a few posts and only watched a bit of TTV. I semi-introduced him by showing him the "GIVE ME YOUR ACORNS" moment from the similarly named episode.

Clarification: I actually literally meant they were two different topics. There was a post pointing to this topic titled "How can I attract friends into the Bionicle Universe?". I meant that that topic about introducing someone to our content and this one about introducing someone to Bionicle are different enough that the two shouldn't be merged. :stuck_out_tongue:


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