[Intruder Alert!] Intro to new topic

Our defense has been trapped!

Things are not looking good…

We need help! Get back the mask of Creation!

Intro to my villain mocs (for those who are confused it’s not really a story, sorry about that…) And also hero mocs

(not the end of my dinosaur showcases)


umm, what?

I can’t really see any of the mocs clearly, and the story is rather crude imo.


it was supposed to be the intro to my villain mocs

Though I’m a fan of introduction stories for MOC topics, some images of the MOCs by themselves after the intro is an equally (if not more) important part of the topic. It allows the viewing audience to get a better look at the models and understand how they were built.

In other words, a few more images would be great! :wink:

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So, would this be considered a coming soon topic?

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@Payinku Exactly

@Plural Thank you

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The MOCs are decent, but the story is a bit crude.
With a bit more work, the story could be pretty good.

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I have just edited it so it should make sense now

Closed on Author’s Request.