Invader's MOCs 01

The first batch of MOCs I'll post here.
Sinera, a Vortixx General.

Axis, Makuta and Leader of the Legion of Chaos.

Implex, Toa of Water.


Elisis, Ga-Matoran Chronicler.

Gali, Master of Water, revamp

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nice mocs !!

Sinera is good, but she looks like Roodaka. I think you should try make her a bit more unique.

I really like the shape you gave Axis. My only complaint would be te "lack" of forward shoulder movement

Implex looks pretty good. You should fix the color inconsistency on her lower legs tho.

District looks really good for being a kinda standard Inika build. I really like him.

I'm in love with Elisis. Nothing to comlain about her.

Gali revamp looks pretty cool.

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Sinera looks like a roodaka re-ish-vamp, and the Gali revamp is to bulky, but I love the rest of them.

I agree on all points.

Yeah, I guess she does. Most Vortixx MOCs end up looking like her, don't they, though?

Reminds me of Lewa's forearms.

I guess I wanted her to look like she had boots.

Thanks on District.

She's my most popular character on the CBW.

Thanks a lot.