iOS 8/iPhone 6

This technically doesn't really go under "Entertainment", but I don't think we need a tech category just yet. That being said, today is the date iOS 8 goes live and I'm updating my phone right now. What are your thoughts and opinions on the latest Apple iteration of things?


Currently waiting for the update to get to my iPad.

I wasn't informed about this! I CAN'T ACCEPT THE CHANGE! O_O

I dunno if I want to update it quite yet. I'm on a 5C, and I don't want the update to make my phone slow like what happened with the IPhone 4 and 3.

I'm running a Jailbroken iPad, so I'm waiting until the ios 8 jailbreak comes out.

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Apple is the new activision.

Every year they release something slightly different than last year and try to call it "new"
I'd rather stay with the 4 than use a DS sized phone.
I also believe apple died with Jobs

I feel they are trying to win over the Samsung consumers. The iPhone 6 looks like a Samsung and with the recent controversy where apple tried to eliminate all foreign companies from selling in the USA, it seems a little weird...

I've always heard of phones restarting by receiving the update and it's happend to my friend before. Also it takes time so I always do it when I'm 100% sure to stay at home for at least 3 hours. So I'm very hesitant when it comes to getting IOS updates. I haven't even gotten the update before IOS 8.

Apple=Quality superior products

I have never had any problems with my iPhone, iPod, any mac or macbook or iMac. Whereas my kindle sucks because it will shut off randomly and won't turn back on. My Dell's hard drive failed after 1 year while my mom's macbook pro has been working perfectly for 6 years and counting

Also @Nicholas_Vantastic make sure to back up your contacts before getting iOS 8 because when my mom upgraded all her contacts were wiped

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I would only believe this if Jobs didn't die.