Iriat the Brutal

Built him just earlier today, using Sidorak’s instructions as a base (which is probably fairly apparent), I think he turned out decently well, though his proportions are perhaps a little odd.



Iriat began life as a member of Steltian upper class, many years and a few homicides later he joined with the Dark Hunters, where he found a great respect for the Dark Hunter Corrun (codenamed “Fanatic”) and his obsession with the Brotherhood of Makuta. In time the Teridax robot would fall, and the two would be separated for some time on the surface of Spherus Magna before reuniting on a quest to reforge a certain legendary kanohi, for if it had been done once, then it may be done again…

(The two toa in the third photo are Paqia [blue] and Tarsam [red], I don’t really feel like they deserve their own post, so here they are here.)
BioMoc_149 (Tarsam)


I enjoy the classic feel he has. A bit rough around the edges, but still pretty cool.

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Thank you very much! I agree with your appraisal. Not perfect, but enjoyable!