Irohs, Knight of Spherus Magna

A giant of a toa whose steps made the earth tremble and shake. The sight of a battalion of Magnian Knights with Irohs at the lead was one of the most frightening Spherus Magna could muster.

Irohs was a second-generation matoran born shortly after the Reformation of Spherus Magna to an Av-matoran mother and an Onu-matoran father. He was transformed into a toa via contact with Energised Protodermis while exploring the fringes of the Great Jungle with his friends.

His hitherto simple life was changed forever by his transformation. He was quickly sent to Korrothis to train under the elemental masters (Onua among them), before joining the Knights of Spherus Magna, sworn defenders of the people.

While in the KoSM, Galinhad befriended a veteran fighter and toa named Galinhad who introduced him to the powerful crystal he himself had used to grow to titan size back in the Matoran Universe. When a vicious disease called the soulplague struck the first-generation matoran, Galinhad, sensing his death coming, gave it to Irohs.

For the next fifty years, Irohs remained in the KoSM and became a powerful and well-known knight. Irohs stayed loyal to the KoSM during the War of the Weave, in which a rebel faction known as The Druids rose up and declared war against the so-called corrupt organisation. Irohs led several battles against the rebels, using his powers over Earth and Gravity (with his mask) to control the battlefield. After the rebels won, Irohs was exiled to an island away from the newly forming Matoran Empire.

Irohs was made in 2011 as a 1st-place prize for a contest I ran to create a christmas-related toa. Unownrule won with this entry. A toa of Gold based off the Three Wise Men:

Maspar, Elemental King of the East Alas missing pictures after the Great MOCpages Crash of 2011

The first-place prize was a version of his self-MOC, Irohs, built as a titan and given a place in my storyline.

To see all the other winners, here they are too :smile:

Irohs was a really tricky build, mostly because I really don't like red/orange or red/yellow colour schemes, so this MOC was one of my first attempts at serious colour blocking, as well as coming up with reinforced structures that allowed articulation and support at this scale. The shoulders are able to move, and the waist can twist in a realistic-ish manner too.

He also uses a couple of disk launchers in his arms for no other reason than because I could get away with it.


Looks pretty good!

His limbs look a little lanky, but otherwise, he's cool!


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I think I've seen this MOC before...

Regardless, it's amazing. Great job, though the small amounts of gold are odd.

It looks really cool! Personally I could do without the gold though, it doesn't really fit.

The last two mocs I've seen on the boards were trash, and this gave me a reason to keep going.

Only real con is the red cape clashes really badly with the rest of the moc

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I really like the smoothness of the torso

Good job, I love the general appearance of the MOC, particularly the torso. The red panels forming the cape on his back do look a little unusual though.

Holy cow this MOC is amazing!

I got to admit this looks great.
Though the tube looks out of place.

Yeah. I'm not sure what the tube is for. I think it probably made more sense on the original MOC.

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