Iro'Kyei: Journey to Making My Self-Moc

I have been struggling my way through coming up with the basic idea of my Self-MOC, but I want to start soon so I can replace that stupid rabbit. I started coming up with the weapon and some kind of color scheme, but I’d like to ask you guys what you think my mask should be. It must be either Metru green or gold and HAS TO BE AN OFFICIAL MASK MADE BY LEGO. Sadly, this means no pre-mutated Olisi nor a Metru green Great Huna.

Updates should be expected.

You should post the Pictures now because Coming soon topics are not allowed

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You Cannot only Moderators (and the Cast and Crew) Can Shutdown Topics

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No but @Political_Slime is a Moderator

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Guys if you want something closed, just flag it. That way all staff can see it. :slight_smile: