Iron man "EXCALIBUR" armor moc idea

so I’ve been working on a fan made marvel story where dragons and other magic things invade new York. so tony makes a armor that runs off of both magic and his ark reactor I call it “Excalibur” and I’m thinking of making a Lego moc of the armor.

I will


The art’s really good!

The picture looks awesome; all the detailing and crispness of the lines really adding a lot to it.

its based off of pre existing marvel drawings so I cant take all credit I think it was a mark 16 armor but I made it in to a costom armor

I don’t really like the spiky shoulders, but it looks really nice, the handle of the sword looks a little bit tiny tho

I like the concept, coming along nicely.
Is this a tracing of another image?

Looks pretty good but I would do more to the design to make it look different to other Iron man Armors.

I really like the art

kinda reminds me of when in Earth’s Mightiest Heroes he was outfitted with dwarf type armor

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I like to watch the marvel cartoons and movies the odd time I will stop the video and draw.but it was free hand sketch based of past armor.

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