Iron Wolf

Iron wolf




This is pretty good. I really like the head.

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thanks!! :3

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No problem. Though If I did have to make one complaint, the neck just sticks out and is really thin does bug me. But that's the only legitimate complaint I can think of.


Looks really cool. I like the biomechancial aesthetic to it. The neck is a bit bothersome though, and it does look somewhat messy in some areas, but I like it overall.


is this mocha garrurumon?


Bienvenido Vicent :stuck_out_tongue:

I cant really tell what the ears are, the grey claws going down or the white ones going up, Im going to guess they are the white ones

It does look like a wolf, and I like the use of the pistol for the eyes attachment

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Dude I gotta tell you, you're a good mocist, I like your style boi


The shaping here is fantastic, and so is the color distribution. The only issue I can see is that the torso might be a bit thin.
Nice job!

Oh wow, that's fantastic! Nice job!

Thanks!! , I forgot that detail I hope to correct it in a next moc

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oh that's so cool awesome build

Pretty cool. Love the shoulders.

the snout is too short looks like a iron cheetah or panther

maybe if the snout was 4 studs longer

Really love this MOC, I think the neck is a bit weird though.

(@Traykar )

Anyway, this is pretty fantastic!

The snout is long enough, the minor issue is how wide it is, which I think can be forgiven just because of what this is.


true its a bionicle MOC but name one species of wolf that has a snout like a big cat

@gerou100 Looks really good only problem I have with it is the neck it looks really thin.

Even with the snout being short it still looks like a wolf. Dont know how you're seeing a cheetah or panther.


I love the use of the alien blasters on the head to connect the eyes and ears. That's very clever. My only issue is the lips. It looks like it just ate something it was allergic too, and now its lips are swelling up. But above that, good moc.


Very nice, not only the shaping but the way certain parts are layered. It really gives off the impression this is an organic creature with cybernetic elements.