Iruni Revamp

So, as many know, I’ve been working on a 3 foot MOC recently, and as anyone who’s undergone a huge MOC project knows, having all those pieces out, sometimes it can become far too tempting to just click some of them together a build something totally seperate from the real project. Thus this upgraded Iruni was born. Most of him was taken apart, but I grabbed several of his pieces along with some other additions and hooked him up with some better armor and weapons.


the nuva armour looks awkward
And silver needs to be spread around mrore

Other then that, its pretty coo


I agree the silver needs to be distributed more. As for the Nuva armor, are you referring to the crotch piece or the shoulder pieces?


Nuva armor is awkward and makes him look fat. You always want to have the armor stick out more on the top than the bottom. I’m not sure about the extra silver.

It isn’t horrible, but it could certainly use some improvement. Try removing the gold Gahlok Kal shield and moving the Nuva armor to the top.

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he reminds me of titanium soundwave, but I can’t quite figure out why…

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Good transition from a Metru-build into an Inikaibuild. The silver definitely feels out of place though. I prefer the original weapons but that’s just me. :smile:

alright, lemme get the critique outa the way

Awkward armor placement with the shoulders, crotch and shield/arm pieces and then random blue pins with the clashing silver-takanuva gold.

It also might need some work in other areas

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pretty good, but the nuva armor looks wierd

Alrighty, so in the last picture I just edited into the original post, you can see that I made the shield used for the chest plate stick out a little more, and I exchanged the Nuva crotchpiece for an Inika shoulder, which looks better and adds some more silver to him.

I like it very much.

Iruini approves of iruni :stuck_out_tongue:

The first version is ehh.
The second get my seal of approval.