Is a Bionicle movie possible?

I’ve I had this on my mind lately, after the success of the Lego movie do you think it is possible that we could get a possible Bionicle spin off movie? And let me know what you would like it to be about?


Heck no. It’s no secret Bionicle isn’t selling well at the moment, so why would Lego waste money on a movie for a seemingly failing product?

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isn’t the journey to one like a movie?


Not really.

Really, really unlikely.
But anything is possible.

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I meant like a theatrical movie

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Well since the LEGO Movie’s Universe is interdimensional, so a LEGO BIOINCLE movie could have both Generations as one mega Universe, with Big Name Actors and Actresses voicing are favorite characters.


Yeah I would definitely love to see that

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Anything is possible if you belive

I remember reading that in some places, Mask of Light was released theatrically. Does that count?

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Not a Bionicle movie per say, however if they were going to do something along those lines i could see them combining Bionicle, Hero Factory, Technic and System into one for the sake of a movie.

###Bionicle world;
An evil villain portrayed as a black shadowy Toa-like figure succeeds in finding the Mask Of Time from G2 and manipulates space and time to create a dystopian futuristic world in which they rule an army of new robots, flinging the G2 Toa and our main character (Who found himself at the wrong place at the wrong time) into a vortex to be trapped forever in the non-time. Our main character would be someone who is kind of flung into the past alongside the Toa, he’s not particularly ‘special’ as he feels lost amongst a crowd of similar looking Bionicle’s.

They instead manage to find themselves in a sort of ‘Island Of Lost Toys’ scenario where the Toa find the G1 versions of themselves, Hero Factory and have to work together with varying other CCBS, System and Technic sets to find that universe’s version of the Mask Of Time in order to fix time, save all of the space time continuum and return home. Our main character sort of being dragged along for the ride while learning some life lessons along the way.

After returning to the futuristic world our main character would see that all these new robots are just the same as the other’s, that they all carry with them aspects of the past. The Toa and the army they have rallied would face off against the newer robots created by our villain. At which point our main character, who has been represented as a fairly generic matoran/protector-like character through the story would accepting the idea of moving on from the past or at least accepting the future, would grow to become a Toa and able to maturely confront the villain - realising that the conflict is unnecessary and ending the conflict with everyone living together happily.

###Real world;
Like the Lego movie this would all be focused around the idea of a child, in this case he’s about to reach his teenagers years and he’s being pressured by some of those around him to get rid of Lego given many view him as too old (Hence the theme of time). He’s scared of growing up and having to leave behind his childhood as such the villain is a representation of that rather than anyone in particular, someone who wants to move forward abandoning the old completely in place of the new.

The story would essentially be his way of dealing with this, trying to rekindle the past while at the same time realising that things change and alter overtime but that the memories still remain. Eventually the film would end with the idea he could take aspects of his past with him. That the future while scary, may not always be a bad thing. The villain would be revealed as motivated not by anything evil, but simply the idea that they want to improve upon the old and felt that replacing it would help,

The villain at the end of the movie would have the black shadows, which represent the fear of the unknown, fade away revealing himself to be our main character in his Toa form. He is a representation of adulthood or at least the idea of growing older and at the end of the film the villain simply fades away as our main character has finally accepted the future now that it is here.


  • The idea that you don’t have to change yourself to be accepted, you can continue to like or enjoy something despite others trying to put you down

  • Accepting that change does happen in life and that it is not necessarily a bad thing

  • That the future is molded and grows naturally from the events of the past

  • Learning that the future doesn’t have to be scary and that its often not as scary as we end up thinking it as


Let’s say no, and for the better probably.

I don’t want the line to get a Lego Movie kind of thing.


That’s really good.

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tv show i have watched the netflix series but maybe not a movie unless its like you combine all the episodes and make a movie i have seen that before which ruffly is about 88 min once the new episode shows which i so badly want to see and i like the show already its not bad but at least the toa arent as stupid as in the 1 min animations so maybe but maybe not

Oh yeah a movie is totally confirmed, by that I mean that someone is going to merge all of the episodes on youtube and the copyright system will do nothing about it.