Is death free?

Just bring nothing to class, since nothing is free.


Not necessarily, it could be he fell off a large boat or something.


I don’t think it’s fair to say the man would never have connections simply because he doesn’t now. But even if he would never have any future connections, a life need not have connections to have value. For example, the man is giving up the right to sit in his room and read a book, or build with Lego, or anything else he could do with his life. So I would say that life is a commodity just as money is, and death essentially takes all of it.

Also, if you do use this topic for your paper, you might at least briefly mention religion as a potential ‘cost’. Something vague like “and if you’re a religious person, there may be another cost after you die.” A way to mention religion without bringing up any specific religion.

I don’t want to start any religious discussion from this post, I’m just mentioning that as a possible idea.

Now, man still has to pay for nothing, since they have to put time, energy and resources into reaching and creating a void. Rockets are required to go into space, and vacuum chambers are required to create a vacuum. Even if nothing is free, you still have to pay for nothing.

Thank you all for the responses. I can most definitely see some holes in my thought, and will probably have to find another thing to use as my example. While nothing is a decent suggestion, it’s hard to know if nothing actually exists, and I can’t bring nothing to class. One thought I had was darkness, or lack of sight.


Nothing is the absence of something, which is what happens in a vacuum chamber. All you have to say is that vacuum chambers aren’t free and you couldn’t afford one.

Yeah, but does nothing exist beyond the universe somewhere?

The Universe is mostly nothing

So then I could say that nothing is free, and it does exist.

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Correct. Nothing is free, but you still have to pay money to have it.

But there’s no way to obtain nothing without effort from something. Lack of sight might be the way to go.

In which case, it costs you your footing

I suppose your name is sort of free. It doesn’t cost anyone anything, especially if your name belonged to someone previous.


That’s the point. You have to find something that is free, and then explain why it isn’t free. Take a water bottle, suck out all the air, and explain that you have to pay for everything made of matter, and that you also have to pay for the absence of matter.

I don’t want to push you into writing about it, if you don’t want to, but I would certainly consider it. Your paper is about how something that’s “free” isn’t actually free, right? Many people, like you, would probably say that death is free, and you could use some of the points brought up here to show why it isn’t. And it would be an interesting topic.

Again, just my thoughts; if you want to write about something else now, go for it.

I’m trying to beat the assignment. I want to find something that is truly free.

Nothing is free though. It can’t be beat.

I dunno, a good hit man is usually pretty expensive.


I definitely think that death is a great idea for the paper, but trying to beat it…

You can’t do anything physical. It has to be a concept, an idea, or something similar to that. Something philosophical.

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That’s why I said that lack of sight or darkness is free. Darkness could theoretically exist beyond the universe.

But, you could argue that darkness costs light.

What about the ability to have your own field of gravity? No, I guess that costs existing in matter…

Right, but your parents would have to have conceived you in order for you to experience Darkness. You are required to perceive darkness.