Is death free?

Can you please apply an analogy as an analogy. The donuts represent the beyond, the seller is non-existent in the real life equation that the analogy is explaining. The free is free no matter what. Even if nobody buys the donuts, and even if no one could buy the donuts, they were still offered as free.

I also need to clarify something. Darkness isn’t something you can buy, because it’s nothing. It’s not something you can touch, it’s the lack of light. Darkness is free because nothing needs to happen for it to exist.

Yeah, you’re right about literally everything you said. I’m a sophomore in highschool doing a minor project that probably won’t even really effect my grade. I just like doing stuff like this for school when possible.

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It’s still not free because you have to put forth the effort to get there, and to perceive it.

But you don’t have to use the darkness beyond the universe. I’m only using that because it is a pure darkness. Once again you’re going back to the argument of the darkness needed to be perceived before it can exist.

You still have to get there, which takes time, discovery, research, and resources. The donuts were free for the taking. The nothingness outside of the universe is not free for the taking.

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If it’s out there, and we can’t use it. Then it isn’t free for the taking.

That was an example. Free darkness is found everywhere.

It can’t be free if we have to take the effort to perceive its existence. This is from your restrictions.

The darkness exists whether I perceive it or not. A blind person can still be in the presence of darkness.

They’re still perceiving darkness. Just not what’s there.

I’ve made my point. I am done with this. My treasury is large but I still hoard.

As have I.

The only thing I can think of that is truly and utterly free is God’s love, but I don’t think that you economist’s teacher would accept that, nor can I discuss it in detail here. That’s just my last 2 cents.

My economics teacher would be fine with that but, love is an action and actions take effort. That was one thing I considered.