Is Ekimu Evil?!?!

I have watched the trailers for Journey to One and I have watched the first two episodes (except the last three minutes of episode 2) of Journey to One this morning, and something seems off about Ekimu.
I think this has a lot to do with his tone of voice and his attitude towards others.
If you remember in one of the trailers, Ekimu says for the Toa to bring him the Mask of Control. I can understand that they want to keep it away from Makuta, but what will Ekimu do with the mask? Also, in the second episode of Journey to One (technically episode one if you don’t count the prologue episode), Ekimu sort of yells at a villager (EDIT: it was Narmoto) and tells him to come with him while he “makes some masks…” The tone of his voice when he says this is somewhat aggravated.
Is Ekimu really going to the forge to make masks, or is he planing something more malicious instead?
And what if the story where Ekimu supposedly saves the island from Makuta is actually a warped story? What if Ekimu was doing something malicious and Makuta created the MOUP to stop Ekimu’s “evil” plan, but failed. Makuta could have been put underground like Journey to One says by Ekimu, so he could not stop him from fulfilling his plans.
And what if the reason the Toa were summoned was for the same reason Makuta in G1 needed the Toa Nuva for his plan, to take over something larger.
The battle between Ekimu and Kulta could have just been planned by Ekimu and Kulta to make everyone trust Ekimu.
Evil does not necessarily mean you are a shadowy mass like Makuta is depicted. Metus in G1 seemed to be a nice guy at first, but it turned out that he was the leader of a dark force. Who is to say that G2 might not have the same idea as G1?

These are just my thoughts. What are yours?


You bring up some interesting points here, however, I feel the need to point this out.

If Ekimu was off to do something dastardly, why would he have Narmoto, a village elder, and character who has appeared as trustworthy, and a friend to the Toa, accompany him…


this should be on the bionicle 2016 topic ot the JtO topic, but anyway I also think he is a bad guy

Or perhaps some other theory or speculation topic…

I dunno man…Makuta seems pretty evil to me, being a giant black and red mass of shadow and all…but you’ve got some nice points there. I’m just not 100% convinced


I did not realize it was Narmoto, I just thought it was a villager. This would be interesting because what if Narmoto is an ally to Ekimu and is part of his plan?

That could be an interesting twist, having this almost Vakama like character being on an evil master plan. Perhaps Ekimu, or someone, has been manipulating protectors for generations, to help control the island’s population.

However, if the Twist of Ekimu being revealed as evil, especially if someone like Narmoto is in on it, could be far to easy to feel cheap, rushed, cheesy or forced…

I do not think that. if we are getting hints of this this early into the series, then I definitely do not think it would be rushed.

Though it may depend if they do it within these first three years, or it is something they are setting up for any further years they may get…

TBH, I’m torn on this. I agree that Ekimu sounded a bit dismissive and uncaring, but that may simply be the way the VA interpreted the lines. That same dialogue could be said in a much more caring way and mean something totally different. However, the idea of Ekimu being evil is interesting, though I don’t think LEGO would want to do something that drastic with a character that is clearly intended/posited as the “wise, heroic elder” of G2. It just seems like it would be too out of the blue to work well…

I think this may be comparable to “Mata Nui’s” awakening.

Makuta is exactly who we think he is, but is Ekimu really Ekimu? The parallels to G1 is uncanny. He was awoken by our Mata-named heroes, Teradax/Makuta is nowhere to be found and… actually that’s all I got… carry on.


You should put some spoiler tags, bruh.

Added appropriate spoiler tags -Yveran

To put it simply: yes. Ekimu is undoubtedly evil.

Why do I say this?

Notice how Kopaka mentioned some vague threat attacking Melum, and Ekimu instantly knows this threat is related to Makuta. Yet he doesn’t bring up Umarak until Lewa already did. So how does he know this"something" attacking Melum is related to Makuta? Simple: he already knows Makuta hired Umarak, who hunts the creatures, because Ekimu himself is working with Makuta/possessed by Makuta. Ekimu can’t have the Toa knowing this, though, so he doesn’t mention Umarak until Lewa describes him.
Also note that the real Ekimu, years ago, saw the Elemental creatures. Yet this Ekimu lures the Toa into mentioning them before saying anything about them. He’s using the classic impersonator strategy: make those around you tell you what they think you know, then act like you already knew that, with just enough logical assumptions to look knowledgeable.


What I want to know is why Ekimu wants to destroy the Mask of Control rather than collect it and protect it. Sure you could argue that it is too powerful, but if that’s the case, is Ekimu going to destroy his Mask of Creation when the Mask of Ultimate Power is destroyed?>


(Just food for thought.)




No, but if he is, Mata Nui is coming back. Or maybe Artahka.

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who said he wanted to destroy it? He did. He could have been lying.

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Gali said it too.

Yes, but how would she know Ekimu’s intentions. It looks like Ekimu never told the Toa about the MoCo until this point.

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