Is It Bad That I (And A Few Others) Like G2?

We all know that Generation 2 really didn’t end well. and lot of people hated it, and it’s probably Reason why Lego thinks Bionicle and CCBS Entirely isn’t Marketable anymore.

but there are people like my self who like it because it isn’t that complicated compare to G1 and there is a lot more room to make fanfics and the like, and really it’s just easy to get into (or at least for me).

but what do you think? is it bad to like something that Failed? (or is it just me being insecure about liking G2)


I personally don’t mind g2 but I see it problems. So I like to think I’m neutral.

But to answer the question in your title, no, its not bad, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and to like whatever they want and you shouldn’t feel bad for liking something others don’t.


G2 good sets. Everything else meh.


G1 failed as well (technically) so there’s nothing wrong with liking something that Lego ended. Personally I prefer G1 much more than G2, but hey that’s just me.

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Hello, yes, welcome to the club!

I too am a G2 apologist. I’m in the camp of “happy we got anything at all.”

Personally, I actually think the atmosphere G2 was going for would have been really cool to see grow and expand. I was excited by the prospect of doing Bionicle again, but attempting to stay true to the tribal aesthetic.

My main issue is that people kinda just dump on it and don’t do a whole lot to point out the many places it was doing pretty well, or could have grown into. Of course some of those things are my subjective opinion, but I do think some people have their standards a little too high.

Anyways, yes, it’s more than okay, and anyone who rags on you for liking it is probably being super shallow.


The sets were great but the story was a complete mess. It was even harder to access than G1 and got confusing incredibly quickly. While the sets may have been great, shops didn’t seem to think so. I couldn’t find them anywhere. 2015 Wave 1 flopped so bad they wouldn’t stock anything else. Only Tesco dared to sell the creatures, which got stuck in the sale bin for about a year and a half.

It was a shame, because it meant that I couldn’t get many sets. By the end of G2’s run, I had only acquired Kopaka Master, Pohatu Master, Izotor and Akida.


G2 had good sets, but lego didn’t put any effort into marketing it.


Naw, Mask of Ultimate power for the win. :stuck_out_tongue: Aside from the fact that I made some decent forum games out of G2, I liked the 2015 sets. They are well designed and I got some good parts out of them.

Some of the 2016 creature sets were also adorable - I’m thinking of Akida and Terak. So there are things to like about it. G2 wasn’t a bad theme, they just needed more story and better story. I think if it have gone on for longer, they would have improved: the books were getting better and they had some solid concepts in the story that they never got to, like the dark world, the temple of time, and the mysterious planets. They really needed an exploratory character like Takua to introduce us to the world - that was missing.

When I think of G2, that’s what I think of: not enough. What we had was good, but it wasn’t enough.


Of course there’s nothing wrong with liking G2. While I might look at you funny if you try and tell me that it’s better than G1, there’s still plenty to like. As Chronicler and Mr. Monopoly have said, the sets were pretty great, really nailing their own aesthetic. While the story is, uh, lackluster, to say the least, it brings some interesting ideas to the table. It’s quite nice for fanon, from my experience.


I do appreciate this point, though I kind of feel like G2 didn’t really commit to the idea. It doesn’t help that we barely spent any time in the villages, if at all, but it just never felt… tribal to me, I guess, just vaguely fantasy-esque but with some pretty jungles and a few precursor-esque things thrown around.

There are several reasons why they wouldn’t, but seeing something like how things were originally likely intended with almost godlike Toa with their own creation myth, but with mysterious ancient technology ontop of that to create intrigue, could’ve been really interesting, I think.


I mean, it did have a few interesting lore concepts that only flopped in execution, and the Toa sets were, at large, probably the best we’ve ever gotten. It’s just that everything else sucked, but hey, it’s not like it’s devoid of good qualities.


“Failure” is a subjective quality here, because there are multiple ways to succeed and fail.

Did G2 fail financially? Sure.

Did it fail to inspire creativity in people? Obviously not, because you were inspired by it.

I think G2 was a great thing that the BIONICLE fandom was able to have as an almost-impossible miracle: a second run of BIONICLE, in a business where that almost never happens. Was there room for it to improve? Absolutely. But I think the hatred for it was overzealous in many cases–understandable, but perhaps over exaggerated. If the people who were railing against G2 during its first year-and-a-half could’ve known that it would end that quickly, I wager more than a few of them would’ve toned it down a bit. The reaction to the line’s abrupt cancellation seemed to indicate that a lot of people really didn’t understand what they had until it was over.


Firstly, don’t feel bad about liking it. Like whatever you want. Secondly, I totally see the draw to G2. Its sets were great, and felt like more of a blank slate for telling ones own stories. Some of my favorite RP experiences were in a G2 RP on these boards thanks @BlueJay and @Runa , and it definitely wouldn’t have been as fun if it were tied down by all the lore that G1 had.


This is my exact thoughts on G2, we got a return to a tribal aesthetic and some fantastic sets, while other areas where not as fleshed out to it’s detriment such as the story, G2 was good and don’t feel bad for liking it.

I’ve noticed many are quick to dismiss or hate on G2 without seeing what it meant or the value it had. They didn’t have to bring it back, they did and people still only saw problems.


You like what you like. G2 did some good things and a lot of bad things but I still hold a lot of positive memories from it, even during the end, so I still like it as you do.


No. You should never think that.

I personally like the idea of g2 but feel the execution could’ve been a lot better.


It’s not bad. I think G2 took some good risks and I’m disappointed that it wasn’t given the time to fulfill those risks.


No, it’s not bad, and if anyone tries to tell you differently, they are entirely wrong.

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Set wise, I liked the 2016 Uniters, the 2015 Protectors, “Force-Ghost” Ekimu, and Umarak the Hunter. Waist articulation was a great addition, and I liked a lot of the new parts (even the excessive translucency, although a lot of sets didn’t use it all that well).

Creatures were a cool concept but most only looked good when joined (the forced requirement of using that new blade mold also hurt them.) I liked the diversity of the Master’s but they all looked too buff and blocky. And aside from Umarak’s hunter form, the villains were all pretty bad.

You should take all that with a grain of salt - because I didn’t buy any. I totally would have if I cared about the story, but there was just nothing about it that grabbed me. I liked the original “Mask Maker” teaser, but that was about it.

Some of the concept art and stuff behind it was really cool, I think the line suffered from a lack of vision.

That doesn’t mean it’s bad to like it, though! Nothing to be ashamed of, if you enjoyed it. Personally? I think it had some redeeming aspects, but there was nothing about it that really kept my interest.


It is an opinion… as far as I remember you actually are allowed to have an opinion on your own. So, you liking G2 is fine.If you appreciate it then that is great!