Is it be possible that Makuta was influenced by someone other than himself?

(Watch this video to make sense out of this post)

So after watching the Bionicle Autopsy video, I asked myself if it was possible that someone besides Mata Nui or Ekimu influenced Makuta to do the actions he has done (ie creating the Mask of Ultimate Power in G2). Kinda like Star Wars where Palpatine influences Anakin to become a sith.

What do you guys think? Tbh, I think it is possible and a new villian could be revealed from it. Like some kind of Master of Makuta.

Well, the being(s) that created the MoCr and MoCn could be said influencing “force”.

I think that some kind of spirit in the Mask of Ultimate Power influenced Makuta to create the mask. Then the MoUP tricked Makuta and took control over him, which caused Ekimu to kill him or possibly put him into an unconscious state like Ekimu ended up in. (G2) (watch video to understand)

In my own personal continuation, that would be Zanath, who, at full strength, could easily solo a couple of great beings.

Honestly, think the only thing he’s influenced by in the 2015 reboot is his own insanity.

Makuta, in G2, is clearly the unappreciated mask maker so he makes the Mask of Ultimate Power.

I believe there have been some mentions of a dark/evil force. I wouldn’t be too surprised if its revealed he is being manipulated by this evil force that probably resides in the Mask Of Ultimate Power.


the mask of ultimate power could be like the one ring, only it is it’s own master



I hope Makuta isnt the main villain of this universe, or a villain at all. Just a envious brother who wanted to be recognized like his big bro was.


I agree, he must have been neglected as a kid and then Ekimu’s little string of fame was the last straw for him (even if it was not that big of a deal) he must of had a history.

I wish he doesnt completely turn on his brother. In the end, I hope he realizes the error of his actions and tries to help Ekimu and the Toa in some shape or form.

he could die destroying the mask of ultimate power, that could be a pretty epic sacrifice


I also think that G1 Makuta in the Mask of Light Movie was also influenced by someone.

Obviously he was being manipulated by Ra’s Al Ghul in this scheme, he’s manipulating makuta to use the mask of ultimate power destroy gotham city.

This story works in the mata verse as well except he got him to control mata nui’s body in order to destroy gotham city.

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It’s totally Dr. Wily. It’s always Dr. Wily.


hm… this reminds me of one fan series people in biotube might be familiar with, but the event/theory/whatever it’ll be categorized as is spoilers so…

In the series, a Makuta is somehow sent back in time by the Vahi and plans to continue this chain to gain dominence. Forgot what happened but he either directly, or plotted with his past self who did the deed, imprint ideas of power into Teridax/Makuta’s mind to influence him into what he turned into

So basically A makuta could’ve wanted anarchy and imprinted ideas.

… OR maybe a dumb great being or Velika, heck, maybe even one of the neutral denizens of the GSR might’ve influenced him