Is it wrong to submit a Lego Idea project that already exist

I’m aware some of the project were made before LEGO officially announce/created the sets-
Example: The Avenger Helicarrier , Elsa Ice Palace

But is wrong that Lego may accept the sets?

Lego have done redesign on set before, but their not going to hold on a project for 3-10 years so people won’t overreact on a recent set.

I don’t know how I will react if this ever happen-

I’d be pretty darn mad if I spent all that time to make a set worthy of Ideas fame, only for it to be squashed by something that already existed.

So yeah, I’d say it’s pretty wrong.

Most of these were submitted prior… personally I’d say it isn’t wrong to submit a pre-existing product with changes. Though the issue lies in that chances are it will not be selected due to being a pre-existing set, unless of course they have enough variation to warrant a release of a redone version.