Is Kapura a reference to the Six Million Dollar Man?

So I was thinking about Kapura saying he could move fast by being slow and I kept getting the feeling I heard that concept somewhere else. It then dawned on me that the Six Million Dollar Mans special effects would use slow motion to illustrate his super speed as seen here:
For those unfamiliar The Six Million Dollar Man was a highly successful tv show in the 1970s about an astronaut who was turned into a Bionic Man after an accident. His powers included super speed, enhanced vision, super strength, and much more. I think it is highly possible that one of the people who worked on MNOG watched this show as a kid and decided to sneak a reference in to MNOG. It is also interesting to note how the Six Million Dollar Man is also a cyborg and is constantly referred to as a Bionic Man.


Don’t you know? Makooti is the Bionic man.


At last! This now allows my brain to finally have a picture of what on Aqua Magna Kapura’s super-contradictory-sounding power could possibly look like in action.:+1:

Thank you immensely for this wonderful discovery.:smiley::+1:

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