Is Knighton one of the 16 Realms?

We know that Chima is one of the 16 rounds in Ninjago, which makes Chima cannon in the Ninjago universe. But what about Knighon from Nexo Knights? Is it one of the 16 rounds too? In Nexo Knights there are some references to Ninjago and Chima, but is it actually cannon to Ninjago, like Chima is?

I believe it is, as in one episode the knights face rock monsters which are obviously Craglings from Ninjago.


The world of Chima also makes a cameo in a simulation in the Fortrex training room.

Greg wouldn’t be able to answer this questions since he never worked on the shows or was a member of the story teams, and only on side stories for Ninjago, Chima and Nexo Knights, however, Tommy Andreasen, one of the creators of the series, has confirmed a couple of times that it’s not one of the 16 realms. (Though I was unable to find one of those instances.)


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