Is LEGO Disrespecting Bionicle?

Huh, never knew that. Where exactly where those references?


Agreed. I love the G1 Bionicle but I won’t say it was flawless, a lot of the later years had to compartmentalize years of planned stories into a single year due to time constraints and eventually the lines cancellation and it ended up showing in the stories themselves but the fact that they tried to do the best they could with what they had should be a testament to the love Lego has for the brand

What a fan wants in their work probably is not what Lego wants in theirs (cough shipping cough). If they appealed to just one fan as a glorified vanity project then it’d defeat the point of Lego being a creative tool for everyone.


We will see how much respect LEGO truly has for Bionicle when the results for LEGO Ideas will come out… If they decide not to approve it, then they’ll have to come up with a good explanation for their decision.

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I understand the sentiment, but, respectfully, no, they won’t.

It’s an amazing set, and it’s even more amazing that it’s gotten to 10,000. But that doesn’t mean LEGO has to do anything with it. They don’t owe us any explanations as to why a set was chosen or not chosen.

Would it be a great sign of respect for the theme and the fanbase? Obviously, yes, but they aren’t obliged to give us anything.


All we can really do from now until the verdict is expect the worst and hope for the best. Even if it doesn’t get approved, I consider this a win. This is the first time in ages that I’ve been genuinely, palpably excited about something Bionicle related. The 3IONICLE teasing stuff was nice for a bit, but I never really ran away with it. This was something else. Seeing everybody come together to get Sokoda’s project to 10k in less than a month was just heartwarming, and a testament to how strong the fanbase still is even today, nearly 20 years on.


I mean… not really.

There are several decent, respectful reasons to not accept any set. This one is not exempt.

Do I think they’ll refuse it? Personally, no, but I don’t want to get overhyped and let myself down. It received support in, what, less than a month? I may be wrong, but that’s the quickest I’ve witnessed. We’ve shown LEGO what we and many more want to happen, but perhaps that’s not what LEGO needs from Bionicle, fan support. We’re not the primary target market for LEGO, as sad as it may be. However, LEGO Ideas does have really off target markets, so I remain positive about our chances.


They don’t think it’ll sell?

Something new comes along, and blows everything out of the water, and gets to 10,00 in a matter of hours?

There’s at least 2.

I don’t think whether it will sell or not is really LEGO Ideas main concern… If that were the case, they would have never approved such projects as The Women of Nasa, Big Bang Theory or Beatles Yellow Submarine.

That’s not going to happen. (Not now, in any case). This was the second fastest growing LEGO Ideas project, and it still took a mouth to get to 10.000. It would be a a really bizarre coincidence if that happended right now.

You never know.

… how do you figure that?


Those are sets that are targeted at a very specific audience… And if those got approved, I don’t see why our project wouldn’t be.

Of course it us.
Lego Ideaa is mainly Lego’s way of saying “yo, gimme ideaa of sets so we can make more money”.
To accept something that would not sell is just foolish.


10,000 votes, to LEGO, means 10,000 people that would buy that set, plus more that didn’t know they wanted it until it was made.

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Cough cough Women of Nasa cough cough.

Many people bought it.

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You specifically might not care for the set, but that’s simply because you’re not the target demographic. I assume most people on these boards are not part of the target demographic for a set like that. However, at least 10000 people showed that they wanted it to be a set, suggesting that it would sell to at least many of those people. There is a significant demographic for it.

If LEGO didn’t think it would sell well, they wouldn’t have made it. Because Lego is a company. They make things for the purpose of selling them.


Just because 10.000 people pressed on a button doesn’t mean all those people bought it.

But that’s not the point. The point is, that if those sets made it despite their very specific target demographic, I think our project should make it too.

Definitely true. Hence why I said most, and not all.

I would expect that the “women of NASA” set might have a somewhat broader demographic than Legend of Bionicle, for a simple reason: everyone knows what Nasa is. Not everyone knows what a Bonkle is.
But I don’t know for sure if that’s the case, and you do still make a valid point either way.


Unless I’m mistaken, that set sold out and there was a restock period. And the people who’d be interested in that are much broader than the BIONICLE fan demographic.

To suggest LEGO isn’t considering what would and would not sell as a part of their consideration process is foolish at best and willfully ignorant and misleading at worst.


Yeah, I agree. As well as anyone interested in NASA, history buffs would probably be interested in that too (not to mention people who just liked the look of the set). The Bionicle project, on the other hand, will really just appeal to Bionicle fans (and those who just want the Minifigures). Though I still think the Bionicle project has a pretty good shot at getting approved.