Is Nexo Knights Worth Getting Into?

I know Ninjago is good, but Lego’s last television series (Chima) became rather lack luster. So out of curiosity, is Nexo Knights any good? What are the best things about it?


Well it used to be anyway.

Anyway, from what I’ve seen, yes Nexo Knights is worth getting into.


The show itself is pretty lackluster and formulaic, but the sets (especially its 2016 line-up) is fantastic. If you want to get into the theme, I’d suggest picking up The King’s Mech or Lance vs. Lightning.


Nexo Knights is pretty know with cool set design, reasonable characters diversity, and stuff-
However it’s also a pretty underrated Original IP series imo…

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I tried watching season 1, and even compared to season 1 of Ninjago (let alone season 7) it seems really, really childish. The sets look good, but the show seems… unintelligent. Am I missing something, or are the sets the big draw?


At least the sets are nice…have nice pieces and all.

I can’t speak for the sets, but if Chima’s first season didn’t appeal to you I highly doubt Nexo Knights’ will. It’s the same writer and same “Oh no best friendo turned bad” plot, this time a bit more refined and formulaic. I will go out on a limb and say that the voice acting’s a tad bit better, though only because the actors for Garmadon and Kai have major roles(although that doesn’t quite save the show, IMO).

In my opinion, it’s really nothing special- hence why I haven’t gotten into it. If the sets look neat to you and you’re looking for another lego theme to follow, however, then it might be up your alley. I suppose it just depends on how much you care about the story.


You bet your Solek advertising avatar they are. They’ve got more pyramids and evil books than Yugioh!

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What’s Yugioh?

I think everyone’s being a bit too harsh on the show, it’s kinda dumb, but it has a certain charm to it, a self awareness of it being inherently silly and running with it(it really reminds me of he-man tbh) and some genuinely funny moments, I couldn’t get into ninjago, but I liked nexo knights, it’s not the best show ever, but it’s really not that bad, certainly miles above chima.

the sets are great, like really great, I haven’t enjoyed a system line as much as this since exo-force.

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My experience with Nexo Knights currently is based with the mini-episodes or promotional media that i’ve seen, rather than the TV series. From that i can mostly say that it seems childish, with fart jokes or generally rather weak plotline - though i’m hoping that is primarily due to the mini-episodes and promotional stuff being so short.

Either way, this topic will probably help me decide also. Either that or i’ll watch it when bored :stuck_out_tongue:

For me Ninjago has been in a state of decline for a few seasons now. It started good but then it weakened a lot of the characters by silly choices that made them unrelateable or creepy - for example one of the Ninja trying to brainwash someone to love them.

Honestly i dont see the connection from Yu-Gi-Oh to Pokemon… but i suppose i can see the connection of them both having a card game, manga and anime being popular in the late 90’s and early 00’s.

Story/show: No. Not worth.
Sets: Yes. Buy them. They’re great.


At first I was very skeptical about the show, and the entire line itself, but after watching the whole thing (both 2016 seasons) I have to say that overall I kinda like it in its simplicity. Most of the “middle” episodes in each season are pretty much useless and follow a certain formula, and the Knights often seem incompetent, but some comedy between the bad guys, and most importantly the season finale (in both seasons) more than make up for those lackluster aspects. If I were a seven year old kid I would probably love the show (except for the use of a formula in most episodes, which I never liked).

If you find the episodes online, I’d say give it a try, and maybe just skip some of the middle episodes of each season, as, like I said, are really nothing important.

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Every episode: The knights have a problem. it has something to do with jestro, antics ensue, they have a battle, the knights get nexo powers, they make the bad guys go poof, and then the book says “RETREAT!!!”