Is Portal going to be a set?

It's been confirmed that Portal will be in the new LEGO Dimensions game. Does this possibly mean Portal set(s) in the future? Doctor Who , another theme in Dimensions, has been confirmed to have sets, so it's not impossible. I for one would love Portal sets.


Doctor who is just a Lego ideas project tho, not a line, isnt it?
And just because it is in dimensions doesnt meant it will have other sets (wizard of oz)
not sayin it wont, but i dont see why they would make sets for it


They have the license for it, because if they didn't they wouldn't put it in the game. They could make some great sets, or they could just focus on their current lines. I personally wouldn't be let down if they dropped it, simply because I don't buy much system and I don't know much about portal. It would be cool to see the sets though.

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I want a Portal set just for a minifig scale Portal Gun.

Oh the things I'd do. Especially if they were the ones Atlas and Peabody use.


I think a LEGO GLaDOS would be great. I've built one of my own, but I'd love to see what the LEGO group can do..


Doesn't that come with the the dimensions pack?


There should be a set of GLaDOS' room, with Chell, Wheatley, Atlas, Peabody, and of course GLaDOS!


I would love to see a Portal line, maybe Lego should make some more themes around games.

That would be interesting.

I would love if they made this a set.
Also a few other test chambers...

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