Is the BIONICLE community dying?

Well it’s mainly due to enough people not searching “Bionicle” in the search bar

Not like there’s much to search up.


I would say that the community is hibernating and not dying. Think of us fans as small animals, and non Bionicle years as a winter. The longer the winter, the more animals go to sleep. The animals aren’t dead, they’re still there, but they aren’t making noise either. As soon as spring comes out, they all wake up. So I’d argue that while active Bionicle fans are getting smaller, the actual pool of Bionicle fans hasn’t shrunk either. As evidence, there’s still about the same number of Bricklink stores subsisting with lots of Bionicle as there were before G2 ended, and the ebay lots are still being bid on. Someone is clearly still working on their collection.


That’s a nice analogy.

Bionicle will eventually become akin to other toylines well past their hayday, like GoBots, HeMan, or Army Men. Modern day children will never know about them, sure. But there will always be enthusiasts that have their collections that will make their rounds on toy forums or conventions, and it will always be immortalized by the fans. Especially since it’s a theme under Lego, it will never truly disappear from discussion. The fandom will shrink and change, but it will never trully die. There will be someone decades from now who has his Toa on display just as there will be another who still has their Gen1 Transformers on display.


Bottom line LEGO will NOT bring Bionicle back if there is not enough data saying it will make money. Lego is a business and businesses are designed to make money

inb4 1000 photo free account cap

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