Is the Kualsi worn by Iruini the Kualsi's actual shape?

This is a nitpicky thought that emerged from the Hagah contest.

Based on this rule (Official Greg Dialogue | Page 176), Pouks may not have the canon mask of emulation, due to the fact that “the rest of the Hagah had masks shaped differently than they should be”. This is the wording aproved by greg.

The example used was the Pehkui and Kiril, since we know for a fact that those two masks as depicted in set-form do not have the same power.

However: Doesn’t that imply that Iruini’s mask is not the shape of the real Kualsi? BS01 doesn’t have any citations that state Iruini is any kind of exception.

This also would mean that we don’t actually know what mask Defilak is wearing, only that it is not a kualsi.

I dunno, does this sound like I’m on the right track here?


I don’t have the exact Quote but Greg has said that Iruinis mask is shaped after another Kualsi users Mask.

So yes it is its normal shape.


Iruini’s mask has been confirmed to be in the shape of a standard Kualsi, in honour of a past hero who also wore a Kualsi:


Well, that answers that. Thanks!

Also, I guess that also confirms that inorganic Inika masks look exactly like organic Inika masks…? Okeydokey then.

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