Iscillis the Honor Bound

Miru mask

Alt masks




Woow, this is great,looks like a native tribes man, and I think it looks the most better with the miru.


I think the Kualsi looks really good with this. It blends well with the dark gold shins and shoulders.
Where do you get those bootleg hands? I’ve been looking for them, and I can’t find them anywhere.

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Pretty bulky, but still good.

But dem thies

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Thanks man. Those figures are a little less common. But you can still find them.

Here’s one store that’s still selling them:
Look what I found on AliExpress

They aren’t selling the figures, it’s just some system mechs.

Thanks anyways. I might just use the shapeways version.

Yay! Good to see your back, I had missed your work. This looks great as always.

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Looks pretty great, I like the mata green and dark gold. Where did you get the bootleg mata green CCBS shells?


What? How are they not selling them?

edit oh now I see. You can’t add them to your cart. They must be out of stock. Here’s one that still has one of them:
Look what I found on AliExpress

@ReeseEH thanks guy. The green are from a Hulk figure. Unfortunately they aren’t selling anymore of them so I can’t find the link.



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That prisma is spooky

I really enjoy the colors. Makes me think of Sir Rascus (especially the staff).

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I’m not a big fan of the back. However, before this, I never noticed how well Liihkan’s Hau went with Knights Kingdom armor.