Iskâ warrior of the sky

Iska is the last addition to my team. She lived here life in her jungle village swinging in the trees and defending the village from rahi. Although when bigger more powerful threats then rahi showed up and conquered her village, she escaped seeking to find where they came from. On here journey she found a team of toa... Well people trying to do the right thing but they are no toa (most of them atleast) teamed with them they seek to defeat the evil that is conquering there land.

I have 2 helmets for here honestly I don't k own which one to use. I might end up using the breeze helmet (partially because her name means breeze in some language) let me know what you guys think about which one to use

here a couple team shots and a tease of the main villain Vrah bohů. By the way some things lithe the long arms hunback kinda look and the close shoulders where done on purpose to give a strange look to her. Anyway C&C is appreciated


her shoulders are to close together

It's cool except the moc is a bit gappy in the second picture

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It's more that her chest is too wide imo.

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The legs are a bit too short, or at least look like they are. The rest is pretty good.

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The chest armor is probably the most awkward part of this MOC. I'd suggest making it smaller to match the rest of the body.

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Try using a Nuva chestplate instead of the shoulders.

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Her arms are a little small.

They are longer than her legs

To be honest I'm not really a fan of the nuva boobs, they stick out and look really awkward.
The rest is okay I guess.

I don't like the torso design, and the arms are too thing, but everything else is okay.