"it" is done | Arch-Angel 2.0, new self moc

Heyo there! I finnaly got him out of “WiP” stage… also wondering why there is “it” instead of “he” or “she”? Well quick backstory:
Arch-Angel is and creative beeing living of Terapungaya Islands (Mal. Terapung - Floating; Paya - Swamp). Once an powerful beeing to which villagers would come, but after huge shock wave caused by MoUP’s elemental crystals beeing shattered it all have changed. Shards of Ta-Crystal flew to the Island and were found by that great beeing. It was Arch-Angel, the whisest Angel of Northern Archipelago. He created an scatter-gun, with which he killed protectors of Terapungaya Islands, while beeing under control of said Crystal. Angels of other islands, eaven Okotos, Lezaza the corrupted Angel, agreed on banishing Arch-Angel from island he sworn to protect.

Now he wanders from land to land, isle to isle, trying to find the creator of Angels and that evil, which created elemental Crystals.

Ehu-eh… Soo, Angels protecting islands? Cool, isn’t it?

Well, whatever… Arch-Angel also likes to Draw… stuff…

…Anyways, Photos!

With Shadow-Ta Scatter-gun

With Angelic Sharp-Sword

Drawing… stuff


“We rushin’ in? Or are we going sneaky, beaky like?”

Obligatory Nyran-Shot

So what do you think?

…Almost forgot:

Cartoonish Arch-Angel!!

-Hand design by Syoya
-Moc by Me
-Bionicle belongs to TLG


it looks real noice.


Looking good. I like the breeze helmet.


it’s magnificent. I love it.

edit:Funny, My Moc Sentinel VX also has a sword like that, only longer, having the usual axle handle and having bohrok teeth on the handle guard

just saying

anyway, critique: his backstory seems alright, I like the customized mouth, nice limbs and armor. Wings are nice, but the Metru limb piece on his abdomen feels like it could need more work… Overall great moc


I especially like the detailing on the weapons


I love it!

He looks fat. Cool, but fat.

Funly enaugh there it is inika lower armour piece, which allows me to connect Chest armour :wink: (uless there is something other that looks like metru limb :grin: )

It’s because the hips are wider than most are used to.


At the end of the day iall i got is that there is nonexistend metru limb, that he looks fat (eaventho lower balljoints have same space in between as typical inikabuild hip-part) and Im not realy sure of he is “Perfect” :grin:

Interesting. I quite like it. Torso could stand to be a bit longer, though.

Funnly enaugh, Ive alreay elongated toso once, this is second version, and thats how first one looked like:


. . .

the groin looks odd… and the torso seems abit too short…

Man, thats 1.0, unless you were talking about the 2.0 xP @JMP

Cool small Detail, you might have never seen:



double posting

Gears are cool.


Creative content = double-posting is good

My bad, then.

MoC is very nice.


A rather nice build. Just looks a little chubby is all. But overall, not bad. Looks pretty rad :ok_hand:

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