It’s Notta Tumah!

Notta Tumah, wielding the power of his Matatu, is a formidable fighter when he combines telekinetic and martial arts attacks. But generally he is a peaceful dude who prefers to defuse hostilities rather than resort to fisticuffs.

I also tried a different lower leg and an alt mask.



not :tuma: themed 0/10

To be honest, i came in here expecting some massive bodybuilder type build, and instead got this. Not bad though.


Nice use of Ben 10 parts. Also, I am really digging the color scheme!


lol I wasn’t sure anybody would get that reference!

I was messing with the bionicle name generator to come up with a name for this guy. And one of the names it spit out sounded very much like that famous line from Arnold. I put a space between to make it 2 words and added an extra “t”.

I wonder what other funny phrases that thing will come up with?

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It’s a good movie. Though, I first thought you were referencing Makutafest 2013, but then I though, “Nah, it’s an Arnold reference”


Interesting design; the color scheme is very unique, the light grey feels like it shouldn’t work at all, but somehow it pulls the whole thing together instead and looks great! The name made me think of a certain Skrall leader, though. XD


Truly, the most cultured MOC to ever grace the boards, very nicely done :stuck_out_tongue:

As an owner of that set, I appreciate you actually making those Big Chill wings look good :stuck_out_tongue: