IT (Stephen King)

While the series originated from a novel, I want to focus more on the recent movie. (And maybe the TV series as well)

A clown name Pennywise, The Dancing Clown, roam the town of Derry to murder childrens for his own demonic nature and the only people who took the risk to end it’s violent hunting is a small group called The Losers Club. :wind_blowing_face:


The new movie is really good in my opinion. I feel like bill skarsgard was more scary, but Tim currys pennywise had much more… personality

I really like Eddie. He’s my favorite if you saw the movie, you know why

“It was real enough for Georgie!”

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This is on the list of movies I might see at one point but am not dying to see.

I liked the teasing of the dead lights in the new film