It's a lovely day on the island of Mata Nui...

And you are a horrible rahi.


“Peace was never an option…”

Nice parts usage!


Thanks! Took me a couple passes to get the right look, but I got there eventually. Kinda wish the head piece was available in white, though. Ah well-- light grey will do.

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This made me laugh, thank you.
Nice work with the neck, I also really like the Vakama build.

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Oh yeah, I haven’t posted my turaga build on here yet, have I? Should probably get around to that at some point-- maybe once I’ve picked up the physical parts.

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He clonk.
He honk.

But most importantly

He is made of Bonk.


And then this freaking…goose thing trolls every single Rahi, Matoran, Turaga and Toa on the island…I see this ending with this Rahi still alive and well as it stands on its pile of loot.


@BlackBeltGamer98 post-story this thing just shows up dragging a giant bag of loot out of the great spirit robot’s ear and then gazes in wonder at Bara Magna and all the new treasures it can steal

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And cue the sequel! :laughing:

What an adorable little bird, it reminds me of an ostrich, it would be cool if the po-matoran travelled on ostriches like onu-matoran travel on ussals, and le-matoran on gukko.

Hjonk hjonk am rahi!

I love this, it’s amazing.
Good job!

Despite all the newer pieces, this feel like it would fit right in in 2001 Mata Nui. Nice little Rahi goose!

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Yeah, I’d like to see more memes in Bionicle form.


@Racie02 ayy, that’s more or less what I was going for! I feel like the bohrok shield wings and the mata head on the back really go a long way towards that.

You are evil. The island never needed this.

I wouldn’t mind a stop motion vid of this concept.

What have you done

This is sooo cute! I might even build it!

this is a nice rahi! I like the parts usage, and if I had the pieces, I would totally build this.