It's the Ghost of BioCraft!

I meant to post this yesterday but I never got around to it. So here it is.

“Well, I say with absolute certainty that this year could've been a lot better.” Mesonak’s voice droned over the ears of Chronicler and Plural as they tried their best not to fall asleep. They were supposed to begin at 5:00 PM with a group of eight including the three of them, and it was now 5:30. So Meso decided that instead he'd talk about how bad the new Bionicle story was to pass the time.
"Yalp, Bionicle really needed something more to just... You know that world-building is what gave the old Bionicle its character. But hey, I'm one to talk, since my favorite year is--" The doorbell rang, thankfully cutting him off. Plural slid on his Bob Ross mask and went to answer it.
"Finally!" Pekekoa gasped as he walked over the threshold. "We've been wandering around the neighborhood for half-an-hour." Three others followed behind: RaptorTalon, dressed as a white and green Furno; RedHuna as some strange thing; and EvilLobsterKing wore a goofy-looking lobster suit. Pekekoa himself wore an avocado-suit.
Chronicler surveyed the group. "Is that everyone?"
"No, we're missing Leoxandar," RapterTalon said while readjusting his mask. Meso looked on in approval.
"Well, if he doesn't show soon, we'll just have to--" Again, the knocking at the door stayed his speech. Plural answered it again.
"Bah weep grahnah weep ninny bong!" droned a familiar voice. Leoxandar strutted in, dressed as a Roman centurion, and promptly banged his head on the doorpost. He fell into Plural.
"Oooof! Hey, watch it. I'm from the cool group."
"Gallia comat," Leoxandar replied.
"All right," Meso said, trying to regain control. "Since that's everybody, let's head out the door. Everybody got their spooky, scary Halloween swag?" The group groaned.
"All righty then, let's go!" Meso drew a red lightsaber and donned his Darth Vader mask before motioning everyone out the door. They each grabbed their bags and followed, Chronicler holding the door for each of them. Leoxandar saluted him and then went the opposite direction of the trick-er-treaters.

Chronicler ran up next to Mesonak, his coattails flapping behind him.
"So uhh, who are you supposed to be?"
"Maximilien Robespierre, the great leader of the French Revolution."
"Wasn't he the guy who killed a bunch of people?"
"Ohh," the Mod stammered. "Well, yeah, but he was also a great statesman and--"
"Oh look, the first house!" Meso motioned everybody forward before he rang the doorbell.
"Trick or treat!" they chanted. The door opened and a shark with dog legs gave out the goodies. Their loot earned, they retreated to the corner to observe their findings.
"I got a Kopaka and Melum Unity Set image!" RedHuna beamed.
"I got a trans-green Miru!" said Pekekoa. They turned to see what Meso got, somehow seeing a look of disbelief through the Darth Vader mask.
"I got a Solek."

After the next house they did the same, with Chronicler getting chocolate and peanut butter Makoki stones while Plural got a dozen Mixel eyes. And of course, Mesonak got what he never wanted.
"Another Solek," he groaned.

"Trick or treat!" At this house, Meso knew that surely his luck would change. The house had a yard full of skeletons. These were his people, they knew not to hand out Solek sets. He barely had time to see what the Skull Warrior gave him as ELK pushed his way forward. The group gathered once again to count up their loot.
"I got a custom title," ELK boasted.
"I got a funny gif," RapterTalon giggled.
"I got a Solek!" Meso lamented.


That was Great!

Those gifts, though...

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I really like this story although the title makes no sense.

This was meant to be longer and include a bit where Eljay lurks in a pumpkin patch a la Linus.

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That's why he's scary, dude!

Also, will this be continued? I want to know what happens next.


Heh, another great Avocado jok-


That'd be amazing.

So, this is definitely deserving of a "Good write, good read", aside from spelling my name incorrectly every single time. Good job, I really liked this!

Seriously, do you actually think my name is Pekoka?


Good read


Who's this @Bob_Ross you speak of?

I plan on continuing it. There's also supposed to be a bit before this where @Middlefingerstudios flattens Kahi with a pumpkin :stuck_out_tongue:


I have no idea of what you speak :stuck_out_tongue:


That was great.


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well freakin' RIP Kahi XD

What if a Pumpkin flattens MFS with a Kahi?



He's gonna getcha

This was pretty funny actually, nice work.

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Only if you're not a true son of the revolution.

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Yes. Robespierre totally isn't scary.

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Maybe if you're Marie Antoinette. But I live in the year 2015. I have ways of defending myself. Also, don't live in France.

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Oh yeah baby...


Is this supposed to be a Peanuts parody
Because the Rock is now a Solek
No Me :unamused:

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