IUMS troops (custom figures)

yeah so, these don’t have any big story behind them, i really just felt like trying out making some military figures cause idk

but anyway here they are

1: Sand infantry trooper

2: Sand sniper

3: MAB* drone

*MAB stands for Mobile Automated Body


is the sand infantry trooper a remolded darth vader?

also why does the mab drone have a tombstone on his face


only the head is

Rip ghosty’s Lego creations.

okay but could you like, talk about the figures instead of just coming here to complain :L

I see a Darth Vader in disguise here…

I see a clone trooper in disguise as well… anyways, these look pretty nice. I like the cloth elements.

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These are pretty cool, very unique.

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These look freaking amazing

Also The Amazon mask lmao

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I really quite like these, although I feel like the paint job could be smoother. I feel like it’s grainy or something.
I dunno.

Other than that, these are really great! Good job, Ghosty, and keep it up!