I've not really posted on the main boards that much, but happy 810nicle day! Ft. Tuyet


wait, its what day?

that appears to be a lot of blood

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Good camerawork with muting her colors, it makes her more menacing.

@wild_toa, it’s Bionicle day, spelled BIO-8(/)10-nicle. Although this really only applies for states/countries that use the month/day representation of a calendar.

Heh, yeah stud.io does NOT handle trans orange well. It’s meant to be molten protodermis, cause that’s how Tuyet made her first Matoran kill


Very clever usage of the metru eye piece for the nui stone there

Thanks! Didn’t want it to be too complicated given the scale, and the brain stalk was just about the right size

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oh, that makes sense.
thanks @Kanohi_Cantri!

Ah Tuyet, the biggest b***h in bionicle next to Gorast. Good job on this.

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