Izonor, Ancient Master of Ice


This is Izonor, Ancient Master of Ice:

This guy… he is undead, he is very undead. BUT, he was not discovered by the Skull villains.

In his time, he was apart of a toa team that was tasked with testing masks and weapons for future use. Izonor tested a Golden Mask of Ice prototype with only half of the elemental energy when the golden masks were being created.

Izonor died naturally when his time came and was laid to rest.

Izonor was brought back to life when Kulta began using the Mask of Creation. Energy emanating from the mask beckoned Izonor back to the world of the living. Now he patrols the city of the mask makers, looking for anyone who would dare defile it.

And yes, he had a tail when he was alive. And yes again, he does often get mistaken for a Skull Warrior. It gets on his nerves every single time. What and where is his original mask? Lost to Izonor, time, and history.

This MOC is a bit simplistic, but I like how it turned out. As per usual, tell me what you guys think.


Definately has an ancient, undead look which he pulls of well. BTW his name does sound quite a lot like Izotor’s, the Protector of Ice.

I know. I was looking for a name for him and I ended up basing it off of Izotor.

I am not a very big fan of this moc. It kinda looks like a slightly changed up skull warrior. he is also rather spindly. also, just a personal problem is the colour scheme, which I feel like is a very big part of every moc.

Well it is apart of Izonor’s story that he often gets mistaken for Skull Warrior. But if you think that is a legitimate issue, then fair enough.

To be fair, he is undead and we do have dedicated skeleton parts.

To be fair, again, orange and blue are complementary. But hey, if I get around to making Izonor when he was alive, he’ll have a more traditional Master of Ice color scheme. The reason why he has the color scheme he has is because he is undead and we do have a precedent this time around for what undead Bionicles are supposed to look like. At the bare minimum, at least Izonor is more consistent than Skull Warrior and Skull Slicer.

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I’m sorry to say it, but I’m not fond of it. This could easily pass as a Skull Warrior revamp wearing the corrupted Kopaka mask. The weapon is almost the same, the build of everything else is very minutely changed, and the name is one letter off of Izotor, an ice character that already exists.

Again, sorry, but this is very unoriginal.

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Why are you apologizing? I am not going to get mad if you don’t like the MOC. I never get mad if someone doesn’t like my MOC.

Great, now I have to work on building him when he was alive. I seriously wish the sets didn’t cost so much.

That just occurred to me. I’ll work on a different name. Just don’t count on it within the next hour.

Now are you referring to just the build or both the build and the backstory.

Okay, just making sure! I only wish to critique, not condemn.

Should be interesting to see!

It happens. My self-MOC Ghar was actually once named “Garan” until @Hawkflight pointed out that it was an existing G1 name…

Build. Backstory is fine.

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Unfortunately the set I need to make Izonor in his living form, Kopaka, is sold out right now on the Lego shop. So we are going to have to wait.

I got to admit this looks pretty good.
Don’t really like the tail.