| Izotor, Protector of Ice | MOV/Revamp

Hello everyone! This is my first post here so that's cool.
Get it?... It's the Protector of I- Never mind...

So I rebuilt Izotor so he would fit in with my other Matoran MOCs. Some of my buddies on Instagram thought he looked pretty snazzy so I thought he could be my first post. :smile:

Front View

Back View

With Weapons

Also, please don't comment on the fact that his hands are a different shade of trans-blue than his armor. I hate the fist pieces he came with and white ball-socket-hand things didn't look too good. Aside from that, please give me some constructive criticism.

Thanks guys! Peace.


Welcome. :smile:

Wow, we have a lot of green people in suits...

I really like the build of his torso, it's simple but cool looking. :smile:


You've got a very nice tie sir. :wink:


I like the inclusion of the sword here, looks a lot cooler than his Elemental Ice Blaster.

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Looks pretty good! The joints are posed awkwardly in some pics, but the last one redeems it! Really nice!

Pretty nice, although the legs are a little too far apart.

Among here we call it a Nyran shot :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I thought the Ice Gun was pretty lame

I have a feeling you're talking about the third pic. lol I had to have him break his arm so he point his sword at the camera

I was thinking about that earlier. I'll probably fix it eventually

lol I'd love to know the reason why

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That's kinda @Nyran's thing.

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Looks pretty guude

the old trans blue sorta ruins the colour orientation

I like it, personally.

I know, I wrote on the original post please do not comment on that.


This is a really neat looking MOC, but I would recommend a different lower torso, because as aforementioned, the legs are too wide apart.