Jakami Draws YOU!

Mine's a bit bluryr. Could you possibly retake it, plz?

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Tell me, are you actually putting effort into these, or are you just making these in 5 minutes?

Kinda both. I’m actually unsure whether or not to close this topic, since I have no time to draw atm.

let me rephrase:

is this a joke?

Not really…

These, however, are probably the worst batch of drawings I’ve ever put out, and I hope to improve from them.

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I love these, personally. They remind me of my art style. I don’t know if your still taking requests since it looks like someone necroposted this topic, but anyway:


Will try to do yours, but it might take a whiile.

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Hey guys, I know it’s been an actual eternity, but I’m returning to the message boards, and if anyone wants their avatar drawn, or even if you already got one and want it redrawn, it’s now open.

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I would love to see what you would do with my pirate avatar, I guess in the 2015 style

Bit different from what I usually draw, but I hope it turned out well! (I do apologise for the lack of color, as I don’t have proper equipment to make a passable coloring.)

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Yep, it’s been a while.

I’d love you to do one of my avatar. It’s just the Faith symbol with a face.