Jakami's Photo editing

These are some pictures of the '16 sets I edited. Feel free to request a picture edit!


Can I have an Ice Umarak The Destroyer Box art?


Tbh these look like they came from an iPhone photo editing =S


Ekimu (Ekuvu) is bassad. :smile:

You darkened them and upped the contrast.

...Cool I guess?



To be honest, I'm not quite a fan.

Some of these are honestly hard to look at for a while. You really just lowered the brightness and upped the contrast.

I may be mistaken, but aren't these leaked images, or did they release the art after Toy Fair?

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They're official, they were released a bit after toyfair.

Regardless I 100% agree with you, the way the editing is made makes them look like leaks, and that's bad [insert Kopaka here]

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I wanna do it.

I wanna do it so badly. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Honestly, they feel like you went on paint.net and brightened up the contrast to LimeFlavoredLibertarian24 levels and darkened the screen.

Good work. They are all cool except quake beast, who looks like he got the brightness turned down and nothing else.

Because they are. I have others, I just tried to make sort of background images.

I see, but still these look kinda eh.

The filters make them look like leaks or just unfinished photos.

These photos are 3dark5me

Quake Beast is really hard to make out

I like Ekimu, he turned out the best.