Jaller and Takua

Okay, I’ll cut to the chase and show y’all the boys.

And a quick exploded view to make copying the build easier for anyone who wants to do so:

And seeing as my wife and I are finally finishing it up, here they are lending a hand with Buckingham Palace.


Nice build! The only complaint I have is that Takua’s staff looks a bit too short. Maybe try a five-stud-long axle?


@Mr.Monopoly in all honesty the staff was something of an afterthought-- I only got the head to meet the minimum buy on a BL store. I tried it out with a 5l, but it ended up looking slightly too long and didn’t make for a good natural mctoran-y standing pose. That said I agree that the 4 isn’t quite right either. (I’m probably just gonna display him without the staff. Or… Maybe with a lightstone or something.)

I guess ideally I’d use a smaller head than the actual chronicler’s staff piece to keep things more in scale with the rest of the build, but nothing else I tried really had the right feel to it.

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yeah jaller?
jaller! i’m here!
jaller stop! your scaring me!

anyways. nice moc


These are clever little guys. Good work.


I would suggest using a HF spike as the spear tip instead of one of Photok’s blades.

A truly dynamic duo.

He’s the Chronicler, though, and that’s because it’s the piece for the Chronicler’s Staff.


And because I only just thought to do this, here’s how they scale with my earlier kopaka:


Wait, those aren’t the mctoran bodies?

Looking at the first photo, I legitamately thought it was just the mctoran with the bohrok arms


@Biodude15 hey, thanks! Given that I was aiming for a slightly more 3d mctoran with a little added articulation with these two, that’s quite the complement.


Y O U C O U L D ’ V E B E E N L A V A B O N E S

In all seriousness, these are some good revamps of Takua and Jala. Not much else to say really.

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Nice build! I love how you did your ow thing with the Matoran yet made them look like they did in 2003. Are you planning on building more?


@TyGl20 definitely, but probably not for another month or two-- money is tight right now and I’ve my eyes on a couple non-lego odds n’ ends.

nice! love it! maybe you could make more?

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@meepinater I plan to, but not for a couple months.

That said if you’ve an itch to see more, I’ve the exploded view up there that hopefully gives a good indication of how the build comes together-- feel free to drop me a message if you need any more detailed breakdowns.

cool, thanks! I could try some…

edit: they are chibi, correct? I might make my own style of chibi… I just need to get enough pieces, :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: are you on mocpages? just asking

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I like what you got going on with your kopaka, expecially the storage of the skis and how the legs are built though it would look cleaner without the red axels sticking out everywhere.


@meepinater I think of them less as chibi and more as a mctoran-style build akin to their appearances in the old mata nui online game-- that said the proportions there are definitely pretty chibi, so I guess make what you will of that. I’m technically on mocpages, but still setting stuff up how I want it. Given that I’ve a bunch of system MOCs I’ve been meaning to post somewhere I’ll probably finish getting things together there sooner or later.

@Tributron hey, thanks! Kopaka has his own thread kicking about somewhere if you wanna see more of him. I’m well aware that I’m in the minority on this, but I’m one of those freaks who doesn’t mind the red axles and blue pins on an aesthetic level.

You think you can post instructions and all of the pieces used? Thanks.