Jalrian (self MOC)

So I’m new to the boards, and I wanted to show off my self moc (sorry for the bad lighting)

I was also able to get some outside shots.. Thanks for taking a look comments and feedback are appreciated!


First, welcome to the boards!
Second, the build is pretty good, and the head is fantastic. My only criticism wouldd be how open the front of the body is, which makes the build look unfinished.

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First of all, Welcome to the Boards! even though you joined in 2014…
Onto the MOC,
The lighting isn’t the problem here. Actually nothing is.
The MOC is great, although the torso could be better.

I like the colour scheme. Looks desert-ish.


Nice job!

I find it interesting that you chose to keep all of those technic bits exposed. Makes him look like he was taken straight out of 2003 and equipped with gauntlets and shin guards from the CCBS age. Also, the usage of that Nuva shoulder as a mask brings me back.

Bad lighting? Pssh. That’s better lighting than in my posts.
My only problem is the head. As I’m typing this, however, the more I’m getting used to it.
Welcome to the boards! Enjoy your stay.

Nice use of tan. Not many MOCs use it. Also, great-looking torso design.