Jardrext, the Ice Giant

Well hello, my name is John Wells and I’ve been a bionicle fan since long time ago.
I’m actually not very familiarized with the CCBS system, so I decided to try it for MOCs with this:

To make it, I used pieces from Kopaka Master, Gali Master, Protector of Ice, Frost Beast (Hero Factory) and the golden mask from LoSS, but I’m pretty sure it’s possible to make something similar with other sets. Here are some photos in other angles:

The Back:

He has two “sticks” in his back. One of them is for arm rotation and the other one for shooting the studs out of his chest.

He has a tail for balance purposes, but with enough carefulness you can actually make him stand without it to make it look more menacing

And here is a bonus picture where you can see the secret of his sturdy appearence

My thoughts on the CCBS system: It is indeed possible to make cool stuff with it, however it must me noticed that it is indeed a lot harder to apply it to custom creations than the past bionicle system.

I hope you liked it. Sorry if my english is a little broken sometimes.
You all have a nice day.


Can I see that pizza menu in the back? /s


Interesting MOC, though not overly “giant”. Also, can he use his tail hand as a hand?

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Well, the name is actually for his sturdy appearance. He, indeed, is not that big.
What do you mean with the tail? As if he can use it like any other extremity without loosing balance or if he can hold a weapon in it?

*losing (I can’t help it)
I see.

Nice job; I like the tail quite a bit.

Rather cluttered for a CCBS build, but it gets the job done.


So…the Not-So-Giant Ice Giant? Still a solid MOC, though.

This reminds me of Thor.

I absolutely love the use of the golden skull spider mask. Everything fits together quite nicely. I could see an entire race of these guys, doing deals with both sides of a good-evil war…

I was speaking hypothetically, like how in G1 Bionicle they would release a single set or combination model that would represent an individual/an entire species, like the frostelus or the bone hunters.

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Well, it sounds like a cool idea, but I don’t have a wide variety of colors (I don’t have much space so I restrict myself to only white, blue and black sets). I’ll see what I can do once I get Onua. I may do something similar but with another focus.

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